Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After updating my app dates apparently disappeared. What should I do?

A: This happens fortunately only in very rare cases. To fix this issue, please open your app, go to the settings page and tap on one of the languages you want to choose. All dates should be back again!


Q: Which setting gives better predictions: Should I consider all dates or use a certain value?

A: Considering the last 4 to 6 dates gives typically very good predictions, because the average is adapted over time. On the other hand if your cycle changes very much, considering all data can help to level out very short or very long single cycles.


Q: Dates are missing or the reliability is very low. Does it matter?

A: Yes, you have to add the missing date otherwise calculations are not reliable at all. Typically very low reliabilities are caused by missing dates. You can add the missing date by just inserting it. The list is automatically sorted.