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Calendar Pad

This favorite page gives you all data at a glance.
Color change indicates the fertlity level 


After adding the first date, the calendar is activated.

The red or pink colors indicate the "natural ovulation control" mode of your calendar.

The light vanilla color means low fertility (<5%). It is import to note that it means only low fertility.

Light pink, dark pink and red means high fertility (>80%).

Dark pink means high ovulation probability and very high fertility (>95%).

Red means high ovulation probability and very high fertility (>95%).

All information is based on statistical calculations.

You can check up to 4 months in the future for your next periods in the free version, this is limited to 2 months.

Predicted periods are indicated by a range of red rings according to the calculated deviation.

This tab gives you also information about the calculated date of your next period, the deviation and the reliability. The higher the reliability, the better the prediction.  

In the "planning a baby" mode, the fertile period and the expected ovulation are indicated in blue colors. Dark blue marks the predicted day of ovulation.
Also the expected birth date is calculated if you are becoming pregnant after the last period.


Adding Data

At least 3 dates of the beginning of your last period have to be added to perform statistical calculations and to reliably predict your next period.

When you start iCyclus for the first time or after resetting all of your data, e.g. after pregnancy, you are asked to add dates. After addition of 3 dates, the calendar and the statistics are filled with your periods and the predicted periods.

Tip with your finger on the date field (top left). The calendar will open. Select a date.

If it is already the correct date, just tip on the green "+" button and you add the selected date.

To change the month tip on the back or forward arrow in the calendar until you get the right month. Tip on the day you want to choose.

 To close the calendar tip again on the date field or any other field or tab.

The time is selected by pushing the blue arrow buttons.

The date and time is added by pushing the green "+" button.

After adding three dates, the calendar and the statistics will become active and give you all information.

To delete a date, please  select a data by tipping on the entry. The selected line will turn blue and the red "-" button will become active. push this button.



These are the default settings.
In English you can choose both date formats, e.g. 8/24/2013 (US) or 24/8/2013 (GB), respectively.
If you switch the slider to German then the date format is 24.8.2013.
Typically all dates are considered for calculations.

If you deactive "Take all dates" a counter appears, which allows you to select the number of periods, that should be considered for calculations.

Switching the mode slider to "planning a baby" changes the color to blue and changes also the routine to calculate the fertile period to optimize the chance becoming pregnant.
Here the settings in German are shown.


Reset your data

To delete single data or to correct them, just delete a single line on the adding data tab.

Deleting all data becomes necessary e.g. after pregnancy.

Activate the Reset Data slider.

Two buttons will become visible: Continue or Cancel. If you accidentally pushed the slider, choose Cancel. If you are sure and you want to delete all data, choose Continue. All dates are deleted.